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Salary Survey

Learn how to access banking and financial-specific compensation data for your local positions.

PayScaleARD has partnered with PayScale to create an industry standard salary survey for banks and financial institutions in the greater Tri-State area. PayScale’s real-time salary data will help you retain and recruit today’s top talent.

We have arranged for PayScale to provide you one free compensation report to research a job title of your choice. Collect your free report today ($99 dollar value)!

Free Report

We at ARD are very excited to partner with PayScale to create an added benefit for our clients in the form of an industry standard salary survey.

About PayScale

PayScale provides the real-time salary data an organization needs to effectively retain and recruit today’s top talent. PayScale knows that one of your biggest challenges is creating compensation packages that reflect today’s job market rates. After all, to get and keep top talent you have to stay competitive. It’s critical to your success.

PayScale, Inc. runs the industry’s largest online compensation survey and maintains over five million current pay records. PayScale provides organizations with instant access to accurate salary data that includes never before available information on pay influencers such as years in field, skills, education, and certifications. This data is specific to your company’s size, location, and industry.

About PayScale Compensation Data

PayScale’s compensation data gives organizations instant access and unprecedented insight into the information used to create a salary range.

  • 5,000,000 active profiles collected in the past year.
  • Over 6,800 unique job titles covering 50 major industries in 11 countries.
  • More than 740,000 employers represented.

About PayScale Compensation Reports

PayScale Professional Compensation ReportPayScale Compensation Reports give you pay data detail and insight to help you easily determine current market rates for your organization’s positions.

  • Total cash compensation including salary and hourly rates, bonuses, and benefits.
  • Detailed benefits information like insurance, flex-time, 401k, and more.
  • Salary by workplace skills, years of experience, certifications, education and how employees’ backgrounds influence compensation.
  • Results matched to your organization’s location, size, and type.
  • Comparable job profiles including job descriptions and anonymous responder profiles.
  • A data summary that gives you 100% insight into the information used in your report.
  • Download and print options. Reports are stored in your account for access later, or you can save them as PDF or Excel files.

Be sure to take advantage of your ARD client benefit — get a free compensation report ($150 value)!

And yes, you can even research your own job title. Visit or call Tyson Adams at 206.389.0125 and request a complimentary PayScale Compensation Report.


I truly look forward to this new opportunity and am confident the position will be a good fit. I also would like to applaud the insurance job recruitment efforts, professional conduct, speedy service, and warm candor I have received working with you. I will certainly look forward to referring people your way in the future.

— Gordon Sakow