The search consultants of ARD are dedicated to providing a complete range of staffing services, primarily permanent as well contract workers and consulting. We recruit highly qualified candidates for our client's domestic and international operations. We use a partnering approach with our clients to recruit and retain top performers in determining with our client all of the aspects and nuances of the position to be filled.

Our goal is to provide clients with direct access to the best talent available at all levels, both in the U.S. and abroad. We accomplish this through the on-going development of our prospective database of highly qualified candidates. During each search we also identify "passive" candidates. Although gainfully employed and not actively seeking alternative positions, such individuals generally respond favorably to opportunities that dovetail with their own professional objectives.

Success has created a loyal client base that utilizes The ARD Group services on an ongoing basis. Given the industry contacts of our search consultants, we are often sought out by highly qualified insurance professionals wishing to advance their careers. Many such candidates however, are unable to seek other opportunities for a variety of reasons, often involving confidentiality. In today's competitive marketplace, many of our clients have invited us to bring such "star" candidates to their attention, even if their profiles do not match the requirements of a current job opening.